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VC-Enet configuration

Jacky Wing
Regular Advisor

VC-Enet configuration

what is the best way of configuring a VC-Enet?
I have a C7000 enclosure with 2 VC-Enet modules, the servers installed should be connected to two different networks each with different subnet, ..
I configured the VC domain and setup one network with 7 uplinks from each module to the first external switch and 1 uplink from each module to the second external switch.
Now i see that there is only 1 Gb link active and the others are standby, so i have 13 links as standby for one that is active.
The Brit
Honored Contributor

Re: VC-Enet configuration

Are you using half height or full height blades?

Half height blades have 2 integrated NICs. Port 1 maps to IC bay 1, and Port 2 maps to IC bay 2.

Have you created and assigned a profile to the blade. The profile is where you define which port talks via each network.

If you are going to use multiple vLans, you should consider creating Shared_Uplink_Sets.

Jacky Wing
Regular Advisor

Re: VC-Enet configuration


Configured uplink ports, configured networks, configured server profiles. but the servers are not being able to be pinged from outside or to ping outside network. should we create a trunk to the external switch so that it will carry Vlan info?
the protocol should be LACP for aggregation?
Adrian Clint
Honored Contributor

Re: VC-Enet configuration


There is a best practices presentation but its too big for the forums to upload...anyway

Go and download from HP the following docs.

HP Virtual Connect: Common Myths, Misperceptions, and Objections
HP Virtual Connect Ethernet Networking Scenario Cookbook: Single Domain Scenarios (Look at 4,6 & 10)
HP Virtual Connect for the Cisco Network Administrator

Check to see if you need to add a Native VLAN.
Check if you need mapping ... see Myth #9

And you cant have a LACP port trunk accross different Cisco switches unless they are in a Cisco VSS stack.
Jacky Wing
Regular Advisor

Re: VC-Enet configuration

I will search for that thank you,
and fortunately i don't need any aggregation across different cisco switches so doesn't apply to me.
I will check those books and get back if i need any thing