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VC-FC module replacement


VC-FC module replacement

Dear All,

We have the below configuration

C-7000 Encl
2-Full height Server
12- Half height Server
Interconnect Bays
Bay Type

the bay 4 has VC-FC on which the uplink port X1 is faulty due to which we need to replace it

the fimware on the current VC-Ethernet & fibre channel are 1.24 & 1.11

the replacement which we will get will have a firmware with a new version, under such situation how will the VC-FC synchronise with the other interconnect bays having old version firmware.

Would appreciate your response on the above.
The Brit
Honored Contributor

Re: VC-FC module replacement

If the firmware on your new model is not the same then you will start getting :firmware mismatch" messages and the module will not join the VC Domain.

If you have the firmware image for version 1.24, then you can (normally) downgrade the module to the same as the others, (although 1.24 might be too much of a downgrade, never tried it.).

However you should seriously consider UpGrading your existing VC modules. Version 1.24 is veeerrrrry old. The current version is 2.33.


Re: VC-FC module replacement

the present VC Domain is managed by Virtual Connect Enterprise Manager (VCEM) and in it the below procedure is mentioned can I do the replacement of the VC-FC by the below

Replace VC modules in a VC Domain managed by VCEM
To replace a VC Ethernet module or a VC Fibre Channel module of a VC Domain managed by VCEM,
perform the following:
1. From the VCEM home page, click the VC Domains tab.
2. Select the VC Domain with the VC modules to be replaced.
3. Click Remove from VC Domain Group. Wait for the job to complete successfully.
4. Replace the VC modules from the enclosure reader interconnect bays. Verify that the network and SAN
connections that are wired to the new VC modules are the same as the old connections.
5. If the primary VC Ethernet module was replaced, then you must configure the VC Domain again through
virtual Connect. For more information about configuring the VC Domain, see the HP virtual connect for
c-Class BladeSystem User Guide.
6. Access the Onboard Administrator web interface for the enclosure to verify that the VC Domain link in
the bottom left portion of the screen correctly points to the VC Domain Manager IP address.
7. Perform an HP SIM discovery against the Onboard Administrator IP address.
8. From the VCEM home page, click the VC Domains tab.
9. Select the same VC Domain, and then click Add to VC Domain Group. Wait for the job to complete
Verify that the VC Domain meets the requirements for adding a VC Domain to a VC Domain Group.
For more information, see Requirements for adding a VC Domain to a VC Domain Group.

well has someone tried with the above steps to replace the VC_FC