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VC Segmentation

Jim Raykowski
Occasional Contributor

VC Segmentation

Hello all. I was reviewing the HP Virtual Connect Ethernet Networking Scenario Cookbook: Single domain and have decided to utilize scenario 18 as my base configuration however, I do have some differences from the cookbook and I wanted to get some feedback on my config
We have a HP Procurve 5412zl as our core switch but with no 10Gb ports, at lease not yet. Each of my VC Flex-10 modules have four ports. One thought is to just use all four together for one 4Gb connection and then dice it up between the production network, Vmotion, and the VMware Console. My question can I do this? It seems very easy on the Flex-10 side but on the Procurve switch would I just create a trunk with 4 1gb ports? Or would it be better to use them as individual connections at 1Gb each? Although the last option does not seem like the best use of the resources.


Honored Contributor

Re: VC Segmentation

Not really sure what scenario 18 is, but im pretty sure it will be better to aggregate those 4 ports, use them on the same Shared uplink set, and then create the networks on vc to be part of it.

On the procurve switch, you need to create an LACP chanel:

#trunk 45-48 trk1 lacp

then you need to add that trunk as tagged memeber of each VLAN that you need to pass:

#vlan 5 tagged trk1