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c7000 with ethernet switch

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c7000 with ethernet switch

we have a c7000 installed with cisco 3020 switches. my external switches are having vlan.

what are the steps i have to do for configuring this cisco 3020 switch ??
is it ok only to create vlans as per external switches ???

any documents availabel for this switch ??
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Re: c7000 with ethernet switch

Hi Navaneeda,

Consult this page:〈=en&cc=us&docIndexId=64180&taskId=115&prodTypeId=3709945&prodSeriesId=2510334

This manual in particular may answer your questions, see page 7-10:

good luck!
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Re: c7000 with ethernet switch

Cisco 3020 is just like any other non-blade Cisco Switch. On this switch ports 1-16 will map to the NICs, 17 to 22 are external ports, and 23-24 can be used as external ports or x-connect ports betweend adjancent bays. If you want to pass more than 1 vlan on the external ports, you just need to configure the port as a trunk or use DTP.

config# Int gi0/17
config-if#swithchport mode trunk
config-if#swithchport trunk allowed vlan x,y
config-if#swithchport native vlan x

VLANs can be create as well from the vlan database or config mode.