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i have one hp blade system and want install hba hba model is emulex lpe1105 .my windows is windows server 2003 but when install driver this error view :microsoft starport Qfe932755
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Hi Mohammad,

We need more information. What type of Blade system (i.e. enclosure) are you using (c3000 or c7000)??

What type of blade server are you installing the HBA in?? And which Mezzanine slot are you intalling the card on??

What type of Interconnect modules do you have in the enclosure, and which bays are they in??

What are the firmware levels on your OA's, Interconnect modules, and blade servers???


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In our environment this was corrected by applying the Microsoft fix here:

While this may or may not fix your issue, you do need to provide more information as Dave requested.

good luck