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hyperthreading in bladesystem c?

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Peter A. Berger Jr.
Regular Advisor

hyperthreading in bladesystem c?

is there a way to turn on hyperthreading in a bladesystem c? I have the BL460c blades with the Intel Xeon 5160 Dual Core 3.00Ghz CPU's.

I am running VMware ESX on these blades and ESX says that hyperthreading is "enabled(not active)*" and that "*" means, "In order fo ESX Server to activate Hyper-Threading, the host BIOS must also enable this feature. Make sure that the BIOS is configured as expected the next time you reboot this host".

I can't find any BIOS settings that say "hyperthreading" I do see an Intel Virtualization setting under advanced settings in the BIOS. I've enabled this and rebooted, but Hyperthreading is still not active in ESX.

I can't imagine a brand new dual-core CPU doesn't have HT options?

Any tips/tricks? I don't see anything in the BL460c user's guide either.
Honored Contributor

Re: hyperthreading in bladesystem c?

The Xeon 5160 does not support hyperthreading. Some piece of VMware is misreporting the chip as supporting HTT when it doesn't.
Peter A. Berger Jr.
Regular Advisor

Re: hyperthreading in bladesystem c?

Thanks for the 411 about the BL460c not having HT built-in. I did some research on Intel Virtualization and found this:

I guess either way, enabling the Intel Virtualization in the BL460c BIOS should help our our ESX farm.