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A Backup/Restore question

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A Backup/Restore question

Roland had a Backup/Restore question:




Hello All,


I hope (one of) you can help me with this issue: we installed Insight Control 6.3 for a customer and we want to use the mxsync-utility for backup-purposes of the Central Management Server (CMS). We cannot find this utlity anywhere.

Anyone who can tell where I can find it, or download? Is it still part of the Insight Control suite?




Just a note: the MXSYNC utility eases the task of synchronizing an Insight software CMS environment that has been restored from backup with the state of the managed resources. This utility can be used to identify potential inconsistencies, recommend corrective actions, and perform most recommended actions.




From Chris:

Mxsync is still available. 


<SIM_install_path>\mxsync\bin, for example, C:\Program Files\HP\Systems Insight Manager\mxsync\bin).


Dominic replied:

Additionally, There is a whitepaper that discusses  Backup/Restore of  IS environment.


Julie also had some info:

I checked with the installer team.  I was told that mxsync is required (and automatically selected) if VCEM or VSE are selected.  In turn, VSE is required for IO and IR.  It may be selected by default for other situations but not required.  For Insight Control, you may need to make sure to select it during the install.




Any other comments or suggestions for Roland??