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Changing iLO passwords using Onboard Administrator (OA)

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Changing iLO passwords using Onboard Administrator (OA)

Keith was looking for some iLO help:




I have a handful of c-Class servers in a c7000 that were demo gear.  Some of the iLO passwords were changed to something unknown and I want to see if there an easy way to update them all or if need to pull them out and do a security override.




Andrea had a solution:




Hello Kevin


You can use ribcl XML scripts from OA ssh/telnet CLI interface and the command "hponcfg"


the hponcfg command can point to an xlm script from http/ftp server and there's also an inline option to send the script via telnet/ssh only using and 'end marker'


Useful scripts for your case: update/moduser.xml and del/adduser.xml.


You can use theese scripts also for another bunch of things like change ilo remote access options, fw update, user management, etc...


Look for "ribcl examples" on the download page of any iss blade.




That should help. Any other suggestions?