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Clear SYSLOG SERVER question.

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Clear SYSLOG SERVER question.

Patrick was looking to clear the SYSLOG server and start fresh.




Is there a way to clear the SERVER SYSLOG within the OA?


I’m using a LAB Enclosure and the “SHOW ALL” takes too long to generate. Most of it are because the SERVER SYSLOG are huge.




Input from Hoa:

To clear the list of all logged events in the system log, click the Clear button on the lower-right below the

system log display.

Extended system log

You can also retain an extended system log with a maximum capacity of 300 KB. The extended system log

can be saved to a USB device upon system reboot.

CAUTION: Extended system log data is not retained in the event of a power loss. 


Reply from Patrick:

That’s the OA Syslog. I’m looking to clear the SERVER Syslog.


From Kelly:

It has been a few years since I have done it, but in the past I have used the OA CLI, you should be able to use iLO XML scripting.


Here is an example of invoking “hponcfg” via the OA CLI, it would clear the IML and Event Log for bays “1-16” (1 through 16).


Try to cut-n-paste the folloing block (“MARKER-1” to “MARKER-1”)













And from Dan:

 I was just creating something similar but more sinister.


See below:


HPONCFG ALL << end_marker
   <LOGIN USER_LOGIN="adminname" PASSWORD="password">
      <RIB_INFO MODE="write">
      <SERVER_INFO MODE="write">



This will wipe the IML and iLO Activity Log from every Blade in the Chassis

Then it will wipe the OA Syslogs from the entire enclosure


Shortest ShowAll ever!


Reply from Patrick: 

Dan’s script attached did it. With only 4 blades in the chassis, it reduce the show all from 400KB to 140KB. Most important, the time to create a “show all” is way faster.


Thank you all for your quick response.