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Connecting 1x4 KVM to OA of C7000?

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Connecting 1x4 KVM to OA of C7000?

Ivan had a customer problem:




Hello @,


Let’s start by saying we’ve ordered the wrong KVM switch. We thought it was Ethernet based like the 1/8 but after delivery it seems not to be.

So, just checking if we need to replace it or not.


Can you connect a HP 1x4 USB/PS2 KVM Conole Switch (AF611A) to an OA of a C7000 by whatever cable?




Monty responded:




I see that this HP KVM switch is obsolete.  We never tested this switch with the OA, but the user guide indicates it only has three USB ports for connecting computers with USB.  The OA Enclosure KVM feature requires you connect the active OA USB port and VGA port to a rack monitor or KVM switch.  It might work, but you would only be able to connect three enclosures as there are only three USB ports attached to the USB hub inside that KVM switch.




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