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HP OneView - Expanding Bandwidth via the Templates

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HP OneView - Expanding Bandwidth via the Templates

Reginald is looking to help a customer:




                Customer is creating a template using VC FF adapter and a single port from each module. They would like to expand the bandwidth while the system is up and running in production. If you modify the template for the said enclosure, it is flag for an inconsistent state and asked whether you want to clear or reset the enclosure. If you clear the template then this becomes a one off template from the master. If you start to do this for another enclosures now we start to have multiple templates that are variations from the master.


We’re looking for a way that we can reduce the number of templates but still provide the flexibility of expanding the bandwidth on a per enclosure when need. Any ideas or best practices suggestion for managing templates with the ability to expand bandwidth?






Reply from Chris:




I’m not quite sure it’s possible.  You have a Logical Interconnect Group, which defines the VC template and the Connectivity Model for all associated enclosures.  Yes, if you modify a Logical Interconnect, it is flagged as Not Compliant.  And the reverse is true, where you edit the LIG, all associated Logical Interconnects are flagged as Not Compliant.  There is no option to ignore the Compliance check, when the LI doesn’t match the LIG (regardless which one you edit.)  That defeats the purpose of a Logical Interconnect Group and its Compliance Checking feature.


I’m not aware of any “Clear Enclosure” or “Clear Logical Interconnect” option.  Can you elaborate on what you mean?