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HP SIM configuration upload? Application Management Console (AMC)?

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HP SIM configuration upload? Application Management Console (AMC)?

Damon had a management question:






Can someone please direct me to how to get server/switches and other Assets to upload there configuration to the Application Management Console (AMC) ? The HP Configuration Collector (HPCC) is phased out to my understanding and its replacement


is to have each device in HP SIM upload its configuration to AMC. Does anyone know how to set this feature up in HP SIM? What the processes are? Or point me to a white paper? Thanks!




Arnout responded:






You need to install Insight Remote Support Advanced en configure the “Storage Collection” en “SAN Collection”.


When done correctly, the collection runs every week for Storage and every month for SAN.  The data is uploaded to the Storage Portal through AMC.


The data is the same as when you would run an HPCC.


Let me know if you need more information.


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Any other input for Damon? Thanks Arnout!!