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Issue in accessing the ILO (remotely) -- No Display

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Issue in accessing the ILO (remotely) -- No Display

Partha had an ILO issue:






We have an DL385 G5 server in one of our customer premises and it’s being built newly. We have wrongly disabled the VGA graphics card in the server when troubleshooting some other issue and we are getting the display in the ILO console now.


Could you please help us in getting this issue fixed. Advise the steps in getting the factory default settings loaded.




Jimmy had the answer:




Put switch S6 on the system maintenance switch to ON and power the system for at least 30 seconds. Turn the system off and put S6 back in the off position. This clears the system ROM settings back to default


The sticker inside the lid should show the location of the switch module on the system board




Any other input for Partha???