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Presenting USB key with Gold disk image through OA

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Presenting USB key with Gold disk image through OA

Brian was having some issues getting a good software image on the USB key:



I wonder if anyone has had any experience with mounting a USB key via the Onboard Administrator to present the latest Gold disk image to all blades in a c7000 chassis.   The issue I have is if we format the USB key (8GB) as fat32 the gold disk image file size is larger than 4Gb and therefore will not copy.  If we format as NTFS we can copy the gold disk image across but it is not presented as a DVD drive on boot even though presented through the Insight Display.


Could this be a firmware issue as currently the OA is at 2.60 or is has anyone experienced a work around?



We had Niraj and Paul join in the conversation with some suggestions:



Niraj asked:


Don’t directly copy the iso to the USB key. Extract it to the USB key.


What version of the Gold Disk are you using?


Brian replied:

If we extract he files directly the OA would not recognize this as it appears to be looking for the .iso to mount.  Gold Disk version is 5.00

Then Paul replied:

Brian is correct, for a server to boot from a USB key mounted on the OA, the key must contain an ISO.



Can you help??

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Re: Presenting USB key with Gold disk image through OA

Additional info from Monty:



I’m checking on the max file size supported by the OA USB key.


You only need to copy an ISO file to the USB key formatted with FAT32.


The HP Firmware DVD v0.9 is only 850MB.


The OA supports three types of files on the USB key, as listed by the OA CLI ‘show usbkey’ command:

  1. Files with .ISO extension are supported by the Enclosure DVD feature
  2. Files with .BIN extension are supported as firmware files for OA firmware update
  3. Files with .CFG extension are supported as enclosure configuration files for use from the Insight Display


Multiple .ISO, .BIN and .CFG files are supported on the USB key.


OA CLI User Guide – ‘show usbkey’


OA-00215AB195CB> show usbkey

Firmware Image Files Image Version

--------------------------------------- -------------

usb://d1/hpoa225.bin 2.25

Configuration Script Files



ISO Image Files








Does this help? Let us know!


Re: Presenting USB key with Gold disk image through OA

The Windows 2012 R2 iso file is now larger than Fat32 will support.

Is there now the capability to support NTFS or exFAT on the USB key?