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SAS switch IP addressing issue ?

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SAS switch IP addressing issue ?

Jean-Yves had a SAS question:




Hello gurus

I need help to understand how really works ip addressing /communication on SAS switch

Since EBPIA  doesn’t work and need to set manually ip address but also seems SAS switch

Need an internal forced address in order to communicate with OA (169.254.0.X)

Any help/explaination welcomed





Monty tried to explain:




I’m not sure of your exact question?


The HP 3Gb SAS Switch actually uses the Onboard Administrator for user authentication and to launch the Virtual SAS manager GUI – so it uses the OA IP address, not a separate module IP address.

The 169.254.0.x address you see below is automatically assigned by the OA – and not directly accessible outside the enclosure.


To access the Virtual SAS Manager GUI – use the OA to access the management URL to the HP 3Gb SAS Switch in the lowest numbered bay – with an OA user account permitting access permission to that interconnect bay.

If you want a direct URL to the Virtual SAS Manager GUI, use https://Active_OA_IP_address/icbay5/home (where you need to substitute the active OA IP address and append the correct bay number to icbay).

You will still be required to enter an OA username/password with permission to that interconnect bay.


For the Virtual SAS Manager CLI – you must use the OA CLI, and the ‘connect interconnect X’ command to access the serial interface to the HP 3Gb SAS Switch.




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