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Sim : question about network implementation

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Sim : question about network implementation

Gianluca had a SIM question:




Hi Expertise,


There is a procedure that explain how to install the sim in a secure network using the vpn

I am here to ask if you could illustrate this configuration with additional documentation or example to send via email. I would have the need to know the configuration details such as what it means to the technical terms to communicate with the SIM CMS clients to be monitored




Dan answered:




The article doesn’t say to use VPN to install SIM.

What its saying is you can setup SIM in a more secure mode by doing 1 of 2 things.


1)      Wire all your iLO ports to a separate Management Network and have SIM only communicate with the iLOs (not the servers, or it could connect to the servers with very specific unidirectional firewall ports opened)
This is a very secure design as there is no way to go from the server into the iLO Network and therefore its OK to have the iLO Management Network on the internal network, with the Server NICs only in the DMZ facing the internet.

2)      2 Network cards on each server (+ iLO) with 1 NIC on the Management Network (along with iLO like above).
This Management network would contain a SIM Server and could now manage the iLOs AND the hosts.
The problem with this method is its easy to break into the Management network if 1 node becomes compromised.
So the VPN recommendation comes in here to say DO NOT allow direct access to or from this Management Network, and use a VPN connection instead to allow access on an as needed basis. (VPN in, open browser and connect to SIM Server, close Browser and VPN when you are done)




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