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Some questions about shared iLO

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Some questions about shared iLO

Ulf had a customer question:




Does any of you have experiences with this in larger environments that you can share with me? Their environment consists of mainly blades but also rack servers. So on the OA, they want to configure VLAN for OA to be on the production network, so all iLOs and OA’s will be on the production network. Is this a viable way of doing this share ILO concept? Any advantages/disadvatanges you see to doing it this way? Also, he’s asking if there’s any problem running shared iLO via a CNA adapter. I don’t see why that shouldn’t work, but if you do, pls let me know.




Reply from Bhavin:




You can use ILO shared port option with blades.

In the C-class All the ILOs ( Management Processors) communicate to the network through Active Port only.


In Blade Management Processors( ILOs ) use the management path to OA and the same is dedicated and hence cannot be shared with NICs on the blade server.


In an ideal scenario production network is usually 1GB where as OA/ILO are currently 100 MB ports only.


To avoid network flooding on Management ports (OA/ILO) it is recommended to connect them in a dedicated Management network which is separated from the Production Network.




Any other insights into Ulf's question?