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Update-HPiLOFirmware OutputType ExternalCommand failing

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Update-HPiLOFirmware OutputType ExternalCommand failing

I am trying to update an iLO's firmware using the PowerShell commands:

To pass the Update-HPiLOFirmware command to the Invoke-HPOAiLOCommand I need to assign it to a variable ($updateCommand). My code:

$updateCommand = Update-HPiLOFirmware -Server $server -Credential $creds -Location "C:\ilo4_260.bin" -OutputType ExternalCommand

Assigning the variable fails to execute due to the OutputType ExternalCommand not being in the validate set. The error message I receive is:

Update-HPiLOFirmware : Cannot validate argument on parameter 'OutputType'. The argument "ExternalCommand" does not belong to the set "XML,RIBCL,PSObject" specified by the ValidateSet attribute.

But the help command for Update-HPiLOFirmware states ExternalCommand is available for the OutputType parameter:

-OutputType [<String>]
    Specifies the type of required output. Possible value can be ExternalCommand, XML, RIBCL or PSObject.
    The value ExternalCommand for the parameter OutputType creates RIBCL command with other details that are passed to the OA cmdlet Invoke-HPOAiLOCommand from HPOACmdlets. See the user guide for an example.


What am I missing? I'm using HPiLO PowerShell module on PowerShell 4 and 5.

Is there anything in the HPEiLO command set that is comparable? I'm not using Update-HPOAiLO for other reasons. Thanks!


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Re: Update-HPiLOFirmware OutputType ExternalCommand failing

Update-HPiLOFirmware is not interoperable with Invoke-HPOAiLOCommand cmdlet by design. The help content for OutputType is inaccurate and will be updated in next release.

To update iLO Firmware using OA use Update-HPOAiLO

To update SYSROM through OA use Update-HPOAFWServer

use Get-Help of the cmdlets to get detailed information.

Do let us know, what is blocker for you in using Update-HPOAiLO cmdlets ?

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Re: Update-HPiLOFirmware OutputType ExternalCommand failing

I found that running Update-HPOAiLO has been hit or miss.

Out of 250 iLO's that I attempted to update to 2.6 (using a PowerShell script I wrote) more than half fail. The issue more than likely lies with the server I have hosting the bin file. I'm also using the HTTP protocol. Either way, I was hoping to find another way to update these iLOs.

I am very interested in iLO Federation as I have more than 2,000 iLOs, but that's later on.