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Updating firmware version rules

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Updating firmware version rules

Alex had a question regarding the updating of firmware:




I remember reading about the blade firmware – something about 2 revisions rules.  Has somebody got a pointer to this? 


My idea of this is that we, HP, are happy with firmware being within in 2 revisions.


Now I can’t find any reference to this.




Steve and Hiro had some recommendations:




Steve commented: 

The customer needs to be current or two back with respect to Release Sets.  They need to be fully compliant within the Release Set, as well.  Meaning OA, servers, VC, etc all need to fall within the Release Set column for a given set.  Go to and click the tab titled "Compatibility".  Scroll down and you will see the January, March, and June Release Sets.


Keep in mind that newer individual firmwares are released before they are certified within a Release Set.  Once they are tested within the release set (involves large gorilla jumping up and down on it, tasting the firmware, and ultimately slinging it), they'll get added to the column.


And Hiro also had some info:

Please see this whitepaper.


HP BladeSystem ProLiant Firmware Management Best Practices

General overview 2.0 (aligns with new HP Smart Update Firmware DVD 9.00 release)

Technical white paper

page 3


The HP BladeSystem Compatibility Chart provides a list of the current and two previous firmware and software versions of the different BladeSystem products that were tested together. HP recommends that the firmware in your enclosures be at one of these three levels to ensure proper operation of your enclosures.




Comments? Are you following these recommendations?