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Re: VCEMCLI -export profiles questions

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VCEMCLI -export profiles questions

Joe had a VCEM question:




We want to obtain the allocated MAC and WWN information for all our blades managed by Virtual Connect Enterprise Manager.  However, there seems no provision to add the –profilename command or export one server profile only.


The command exports ALL server profiles to the CSV.  We have two VCEM Servers.  One has 25 Enclosures most populated with 16 Half Height Blades.  The other has 30 Enclosures again most with 16 Half Height Blades


“vcemcli –export profiles –exportfile filename.csv”


Has anyone run this command from the VCEM CLI on very large environments?  How big is the file and how long does it take to run?




Fred replied:




The CLI’s export command is fairly quick to run (order of minutes) depending on how responsive your CMS host is. The size of the CSV file is a factor of the number of profiles and the size of those profiles. The size of the profile depends on the number of connections contained in it. During development we ran some of our export tests using 500 profiles w/o any problem.




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Re: VCEMCLI -export profiles questions

It would be nice to select one profiles or a range of profiles to export using this command.  Is that something that can get added in a future release?


My environment is not this big, but it takes a looooooong time to generate that file and it's unweildy when you are looking for info on a couple of new profiles that were just created.