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iLO Scripting question

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iLO Scripting question

David had an iLO scripting question:




How would a customer script the following GUI process:

Administration > Security > Encryption > Enforce AES/3DES Encryption to 'Enabled'




From Ken:




Download the ZIP of sample scripts from:



In the file Mod_Global_Settings.xml


<ENFORCE_AES value="Y"/>




Also from Dan:




Use one of the following to apply said script:

CPQLOCFG from outside the machine – requires credentials in the XML

HPONCFG from Linux/Windows inside the machine – credentials must be present but don’t have to be valid.

HPONCFG from the OA CLI like so hponcfg ALL << end_marker

               Then paste in the script and then write end_marker on a line by itself.




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