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iLO - multi generation scripting tool?

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iLO - multi generation scripting tool?

An iLO question from Frank's customer:





Hi Experts,


Is there a tool (ConRep??) that will work across multiple generations of iLO?


The customer has a need to do the following:


“ I need the ability to create an additional local admin account, configure SNMP, and configure Active Directory authentication within iLO on all of our physical servers, without configuring each one by hand.”


Thanks in advance……..




Reply from Dan:




Hponcfg and the iLO XML scripting can do this.


The individual iLO XML Scripts in the Sample pack will tell you if they only work with certain versions.


HPONCFG also is the one you run ON each server.

If he has remote access to each iLO already, there is cpqlocfg which might have been renamed in newer versions, that can be run from a central desktop/laptop/jumpbox.




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