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HP Virtual Connect Flex-10 and xenserver


HP Virtual Connect Flex-10 and xenserver

Hi there


I have a HP chasis 7000 with 2 455880-B21 10G switche , and 2 647586-B21 on each server.


One switch is actice and one is standby.


The serverblades is running xenserver with 2 nic bundled as active/active. (one from each switch)


Will this give some performance problems when the switche is active/standby and the xenserver is active/active ?


Re: HP Virtual Connect Flex-10 and xenserver



The best configuration who can determine the best performanc is your Swtich Core configuration . 


From the Xen perspective you can configure Active/Active  or Active/Standby  .


But the Scenario will act in different ways , 


Active/Active both sides has ethernet traffic but who will determine the redundance is you SW Core .


Active/Standby  On side Active the other one , will show as linked the path inside the Xenserver but wihout Traffic .


The best way is ,configure LACP inside the SwitchCore determineing that path coming from the blade are the same one.

configure bound for each eth path needed than when one path is down the other one will stay up .


Also you can check this document about Vm´s and performance .


Regards  ,


Flávio Moreira 

HPE Employee 




I´m HPE Employee