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207 - memory initialization error

Thomas Lunardon
Occasional Contributor

207 - memory initialization error

I wanted to upgrade the RAM of our ProLiant BL460c G6 with two processors from 24 to 32 GB. The initial configuration with 6x2GB works fine, but with 4x4GB on slots D, A, B, C I get a "207 - Memory initialization error on Processor 1 DIMM2 / DIMM 1/DIMM4/DIMM6". Rotating the DIMMS from Processor2 to 1  gave the same error on P1. After switching back to 6x2GB everything is fine again. Any ideas?

Regular Advisor

Re: 207 - memory initialization error

Can you provide me the spare part numbers of the DIMMs that you are trying to install?
Also make sure your BIOS is up to date.
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Re: 207 - memory initialization error



Try installing DIMMs into 2A slots and 4B slots. power up blade, check results. If pass then add the next four DIMMs in 6C and 1D. Leave 3E and 5F empty for each processor.


If the first four DIMMs give same error, remove DIMMS in 4B slots and test again. Minimum Memory would be 1 DIMM in both (P1 and P2) DIMM 2A slots.








Re: 207 - memory initialization error

If all DIMMS giving error with Processor1 too, then need to check part number and compatibility with system.


Also some time use/mix of counterfit parts generates such problems.