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BL460c G7 & iLO 3 - Remote syslog option ?


BL460c G7 & iLO 3 - Remote syslog option ?

I noticed that Remote Syslog is now an option with Gen8/iLO4 HP servers, where log data can now be reviewed by 3rd party security products.  It's just a matter of configuring it in the iLO interface's Administration menu.


Does anyone know whether a firmware update will ever introduce this in G7/iLO3 servers (or older) as well in the future?

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Re: BL460c G7 & iLO 3 - Remote syslog option ?

The Remote Syslog feature allows iLO to send event notification messages to Syslog servers. The

iLO firmware Remote Syslog includes the IML and iLO Event Log.

You must have the Configure iLO Settings privilege to change these settings.

This feature and many others are part of an iLO licensing package. For more information about

iLO licensing, see the following website:

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