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BL860C i2 HPUX Firmware upgrade Failure

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BL860C i2 HPUX Firmware upgrade Failure




We are attempting to upgrade our Firmware on a BL860C I2 server via the HP Smart Update Manager. When we attempt to contact the machine (having added password user account etc) we get a Error: unable to start Hpsum session on remote target.


We are trying to add the following:


when adding the OS target, we get that into /tmp:
bash-4.0# ll /tmp/hpsum/hpsum1365599452/
total 160
-rwxrwxrwx   1 root       sys          71680 Apr 10 13:57 pciinfo.depot
-rwxr-xr-x   1 root       sys           4577 Apr 10 13:57


which "proves" that the initial ssh session is working fine and that the credentials are correct


Any idea why this is occuring?





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Re: BL860C i2 HPUX Firmware upgrade Failure

For the server firmware itself I always power off the blade (you need to reboot anyway).

The target in HP SUM for this update is the OA and the ILO.

For I/O card firmware updates the target is the running HP-UX session.

What update did you do?

You cannot do both at the same time.





This is a new method to update I/O firmware (via HP SUM) and I never did it so far.


I assume it will copy files to EFI partition and run the tools after a reboot.




From the known issues section:


"The error message "Unable to start hpsum session on remote target" may appear after adding a valid HP-UX target. One reason may be that the pciinfo module status has been changed. You may run the command "kcmodule --b yes -s pciinfo=best" and then retry adding the target."






But this is what I have done so far:


Get the EFI files from here (for Smartarray, LOM, etc):


put it on a USB thumb drive.


Reboot the server, mount the USB drive via virtual media to the server.


Now run the tools, e.g.


050258_efi.efi for LOM


fwupdate.nsh for Smartarray 5.78b firmware




I like to have control and see what happens ...

Hope this helps!

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