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BL860c i2 - memory issue

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BL860c i2 - memory issue

Bjoern was having issues with an Integrity blade:






I have a problem with a new BL860c that's showing some strange symptoms on memory in SMH. I need help to figure out if this is something I should worry about or if this is as intended.


Machine model: BL860c i2

Operating system is: HP-UX 11iv3 (sept. 2010)



New blade server(BL860c i2) showing strange status on memory. From SMH the memory is showing as  "stopped/deconfigured".


The server was bought with 48Gb ram, so the amount in OK status is ok. But why is it showing a warning on all the other slots?

Is this an indication of a hardware problem or is it in fact actual memory modules in the slots that are disabled?

(I haven't actually checked visually if there are physical memory modules in all slots)


Would like to get rid of this warning message in SMH and if possible figure out if this is a hardware problem.




Dennis had some info:




HP Integrity BL870c/BL890c/BL860c Server series - SMH Home Page Shows Memory Configuration Warnings or Configuration Issues


SMH Home Page shows Memory Configuration Warnings or Configuration Issues.


False memory errors using System Management Homepage SMH may show a memory warning if the system is not fully populated with DIMMs. The Home page will show a minor warning for memory and the Memory page will show a minor warning and a status of Stopped for any empty DIMM slot. This warning can be ignored.

NOTE: The memory warning will also propagate to HP SIM and show a minor warning for the system.



Any other suggestions or comments?