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Blade servers for ESX hosts


Blade servers for ESX hosts

Hi there

There is a company which want to purchase blade systems for their ESX hosts and they have to run SAN devices for their storage needs.

Which kind of HP Blade systems is recommended ? I work in IBM bladeservers and don't have any information about HO one's ... Please help me on this regards.

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Re: Blade servers for ESX hosts

Well, HP currently offers C3000, C7000 and Superdome2 enclosures, which gives you different physical rack unit sizes and expansion options.  For blades, interconnects, mezzanine board, and switches there are many options (ProLiant or Integrity, Windows, Linux, HP-UX, etc).


Here is a website that gives lots of data regarding all of HP's blade technology:


For more specifics on the blade servers themselves:



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