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Change BIOS date/time via script

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Change BIOS date/time via script

Is there a scriptable method to change the BIOS date/time on a Proliant BL blade that does not yet have on operating system installed? I tried looking in the OA cli, iLO cli and using HPONCFG but there doesn't seem to be a command to set the BIOS date. I was hoping setting the iLO SNTP server would cause the BIOS to pick up the correct date/time from iLO but that is not the case.


My situation: I have about 100 blades to image using Microsoft SCCM. The SCCM OSD task fails at the very beginning of the WinPE phase because the date of the machine is off by 4 months and therefore it cannot verify the validity of the SCCM server's certificate. If I correct the date the OSD task works perfectly. I can't create an OSD task to do a NET TIME /SET because OSD fails before it can run any tasks. So the date needs to be correct before WinPE loads.


I'd rather not have to go into the BIOS of every machine and set the date/time. There has to be another way I am missing.



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Re: Change BIOS date/time via script



did you ever get an answer of fix for this ?



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Re: Change BIOS date/time via script

We also want to do this for our ESXi builds. Anyone?