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Dimm serial number correlation


Dimm serial number correlation

Is there a way to correlate dimm serial number output from # cprop -detail -c Memory or from ILO df -all -nc to the serial number format in a PO?


Example dimm Serial Number output from df -all -nc

FRU NAME                 : DIMM CPU0 -  1C

FRU ID                   : 0x80

Module Capacity          : 8 GB

Module Mfg ID            : 0x80AD (Hynix Semiconductor)

Mfg Part #               : HMT31GR7BFR4C-H9

Mfg Revision Code        : 0x4432

Mfg Location             : 0x01

Mfg Year                 : 2012

Mfg Week                 : 7

Mfg Serial #             : 0x0121F383

Mfg Unique Serial #      : 0x80AD0112070121F383

DRAM Mfg ID              : 0x80AD (Hynix Semiconductor)


Example dimm data from cprop for same DIMM

Instance]: 9


                   [Hash ID]: Memory:5af5874exd8db6e4a

< ClassName:HP_PhysicalMemory NameSpace:root/cimv2 >

                       [Tag]: ff-ff-ff-2-0-1-c-74

         [CreationClassName]: HP_PhysicalMemory

                   [Caption]: Memory Module

               [Description]: This is Volatile Memory Chip   of type OTHER with following details :  Cell Slot : 02, Dimm Slot : 1c, Socket : 00.

                      [Name]: DIMM_8192

         [OperationalStatus]: OK

        [StatusDescriptions]: The status of the memory chip is OK.

               [ElementName]: DIMM_8192

              [SerialNumber]: 83f32101071201

                [PartNumber]: HMT31GR7BFR4C-H9

                [FormFactor]: DIMM

                [MemoryType]: Other

                  [Capacity]: 8 GB


Here are some potential matching SN's for this dimm from the PO..










We ordered a number of dimms to upgrade memory in the server environment and which dimms went in which server regrettably was not recorded at the time of swapping, so we are looking to correlate the information.

Thanks in advance.