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Re: HBA Paths getting flapped intermittently.

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HBA Paths getting flapped intermittently.

Enivironemnt setup:- Using c-7000 chassiss and BL-660 GEN 9 blades,storage is HP 3PAR. VC is used.,Cluseter being build in VMware infra. 8 bays fll width baldes used.

When starting the vmware cluseter we noticed that the storage Paths are flapping.

Tried to replace the HBA cards for few bays but still issue persists,tried to re-configure Virtual conenct including the server profile. Still not fixing the issues.Tried to swap the HBAs between blades but still issues persists. Can anybody sujjest what needs to be done.



Re: HBA Paths getting flapped intermittently.

Hi Naveen,

Reading the description of the issue we see that the information shared is very minimum. This needs a thorough dianosis hence request you to log a case on our portal and submit a case using the below link:-

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