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Help with my first steps

Carlos T.G.
Occasional Contributor

Help with my first steps

I am starting to work with a server HP Proliant BL25p and I don't know how I can start the instalation of Windows 2003 and how I can use all the tools that this servers offer me.Can somebody help me?.

Thanks, Carlos.
Valued Contributor

Re: Help with my first steps

Look on this manuals〈=en&cc=us&docIndexId=179911&taskId=101&prodTypeId=15351&prodSeriesId=398225

Steven Clementi
Honored Contributor

Re: Help with my first steps


There are several ways you can attack your situation. The first, and probably the quickest to get started is to use the Virtual Floppy or Virtual CD available via the iLo port. It may take some time to complete the install since it uses the network, but will none-the-less work.

Your second option is to use the RDP software that ships with each Blade Enclosure. The requirements are a dedicated server with some additional storage (it can be an existing server in your environment, but I recommend it be it's own server). Additionally, it needs to run Windows Server 2003 with SP1 or 2000 with SP4 or XP and needs DHCP running on it, or on the network already. IF your strictly using linux on the blades, then there is a linux version with different requirements. If it is a mixed environment, then the Windows version is the best option and a secondary linux server with the linux proliant integration module.

If your strictly running Windows, then you can probably use Windows RIS if your already set up with it in your environment. There is also some Widows Deployment Services available which runs on 2003 Enterprise only I think.

My opinion is that RDP is the easiest to use and set up and work with.

Steven Clementi
HP Master ASE, Storage and Clustering
MCSE (NT 4.0, W2K, W2K3)
VCP (ESX2, Vi3, vSphere4, vSphere5)
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