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How to setup passwordless ssh login to itanium bl860c blades

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How to setup passwordless ssh login to itanium bl860c blades

Robert had a question:



Is there any documentation on how to setup ssh passwordless authentication to the management port on an itanium blade?  We use consoleworks to monitor all console ports and are currently using telnet.  I would like to setup a trusted host relationship between the vms consoleworks server and all the blade management ports.  I see how to generate the key pairs on the blade, but don’t see where to get the key info to transfer to vms and conversely to send the vms generated key to the blade.



Corrine helped out:



Make sure you install the DSAU file set (distributed system administration utilities)

This contains csshsetup which will setup ssh without having to login



Any other input on this? Let us know if this is what you do.

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Re: How to setup passwordless ssh login to itanium bl860c blades

There were some additional info on this thread:


Robert asked:



I asked this question in a different form recently and discovered what I wanted to do will not work directly to the MP of a bl860 blade.


Sooooo, I will try another approach.  If I want to ssh to the OA as Administrator from either a Linux or VMS system what do I need to setup so I will not be prompted for a password?  I see some info on using scripting on the oa, using the gui on the oa to enter keys.  What is the best method to use to set this up?  Am I limited to only the Administrator account?  I am familiar with host and user based keys between operating systems, this oa stuff is kinda puzzling to me.


Thanks for the help



And Monty replied:



The OA sshkey support allows multiple keys to be uploaded to the OA – limited to 8KB max size of the SSHKEY string for OA v2.30 and later.


This support allows only the “Administrator” local account to access the OA using the sshkey to verify the user without requiring a password.


You can use either the OA GUI or CLI to add a key – if you only need one key there is no need to use the ‘download sshkey’ command to get the current sshkey string to add a new key.



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