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Ilo2 and ilo3 console security

Valued Contributor

Ilo2 and ilo3 console security

I have an issue with regards to some software that we use to build our dedicated servers after order.

Currently everything is working except the console via ilo2 and ilo3 but ilo4 works fine

The software that we are using is called Noc-PS (

The reason ilo4 console is only supported is due to the below which I got from the software vendor:


My question to them:


The other question I wanted to ask, does noc-ps work with hp ilo2 ? I have servers with ilo2, 3 and 4 but mostly ilo2


Their reply:


The problem with ILO2 is that if our software requests a console with that, ILO limits access to the console to the NOC-PS IP. And the end-user's computer cannot communicate with the ILO node directly.

ILO4 does not have the IP restriction and does work.

My question is can anyone think of any work arounds to this security feature in ilo2 and 3 with regards to console access ?


Regards, Daniel

Valued Contributor

Re: Ilo2 and ilo3 console security

anyone know about this java console security for ilo2/3 ?