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OS support matrix for BL460c G1 blades

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OS support matrix for BL460c G1 blades

Chuck was looking to help a customer:




Looking for help with a customer that is looking to repurpose some BL460c G1 blades. Would you know where I could find an OS support matrix to help them? 




Todd and Markus came through:




The OS support can be found  Click on the certification option and you would burrow down to the OS that they are interested in.  For the older servers make sure you click on the previous server link.








Any other help?

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Re: OS support matrix for BL460c G1 blades

Stephen also replied:




You can always find this link to the OS support matrix in the Product Bulletin in each servers Quick Specs, just look for the Operating System Support section understand Standard Features. For a retired product like the BL460cG1 you’ll find those QuickSpecs in the Retired Products category off the main page of the PB.