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RAID configuration script for Gen9 servers


RAID configuration script for Gen9 servers

Vijay had a question:




Hi All,


I have a customer who has huge number of 460c Gen9 servers purchased recently. As we all know that we have to login into SSA for configuring the RAID manually, customer is expecting help from HP wherein we can provide a script which can be executed for creating RAID automatically for a bunch of servers in one go.


Customer has one SAS hard disk and one SSD hard disk which has to be configured in individual raid (raid0). Can somebody help on this?


Thanking You.


With Regards,





Hiroyuki answered:




How about using HPSSASCRIPTING in HP Scripting Toolkit?


HP Scripting Toolkit for Windows and Linux


HP Smart Storage Administrator Scripting Cookbook


Hope this helps.


Best Regards,

Hiroyuki Tsuji