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Server clock issue

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Server clock issue

Meg was looking to help a customer:




Has anyone seen this before?  Seems odd, customer is at latest FW on BL460 G6


The system clock resets to GMT time upon power on/off. The issue is specific to ONLY HP blades and not seen on the HP server.




From Eirik:

Only one blade or multiple ?


Could be a softwarefault on the server based on NTP-settings \ regional settings

Could be a faulty ROM-battery too.


Reply from Meg:

Appears to be all blades, but I will confirm.


If it is all, then I would guess it’s might be related to your item below?  If so what question would I ask the customer?  Is it a setting per blade or on the time server?


Could it be a software fault on the server based on Network Time Protocol Server (NTP) -settings \ regional settings?


Chris also chimed in:

If it is the System Clock of each blade, then that is something the Host OS is getting set to.  The System ROM has no way of using an NTP server without an Operating System.  I do not believe the iLO an set the System Time either.  It has its own time source and clock.




Any suggestions or comments?