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iLO scripting question

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iLO scripting question

Hongjun had some questions:




What’s the options(offline/online) to change the following RBSU settings for multiple blades when using ESXi? I don’t want to go into ilo of each blade and change the setting manually.


1) Boot Controller order so I can move CNA card ahead of local disk for BFS


2) Power regulator mode. (I only see the setting for power profile mode in ilo script user guide)


Can  CFQLOCFG change all the setting we see in RBSU? It doesn’t appear so.




From Chris:




  1. Look at page 50 of the iLO Scripting User Guide on how to change the hosts boot order (  You can also do this within the OA if it’s a blade, from the OA CLI.
  2. Modifying the Power Regulator from the iLO is supposed to modify the settings in RBSU.  Look at Page 95 of the same guide above on how to set this via iLO Scripting.
  3. CFQLOCFG is for iLO configuration, not RBSU.  If you wanted to script modifying the RBSU, you need CONREP.



Reply from Hongjun:




Thanks Chris.


For 1), I want to adjust the setting that you can put 2 CNA ports ahead of local disk controller.




Any help here?


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Re: iLO scripting question

Some additional input:


From Hongjun:

For 1), I want to adjust the setting that you can put 2 CNA ports ahead of local disk controller.


From Chris:

XML version of Boot Order config attached, both one time and persistent.

This is what you use with HPONCFG or CPQLOCFG

GET script shows you what the current order is.

SET script will modify.


The Power Saver script attached changes a high level power setting.

This will in turn change several lower level power settings including the Power Regulator.

If you only want power regulator and not the others lumped in with Power Saver, you will need to use CONREP.

Page 19 describes what other values get changed when changing Power Saver.


I didn’t see you mentioned CNA  in your first post.


When you use the xml scripts I attached last time, all you can modify is the Primary IPL which includes the NIC Ports for PXE, but does NOT include the BFS CNA ports.


The CNA ports are found as a sub item under HDD and must be modified within the BIOS under the “Boot Controller Order”, not “Standard Boot Order” like I thought.  So really you want to modify both.  You want to modify IPL to move HDD to the top, and then you also need to modify Controller Order to say that BFS is above Smart Array.


So the short version is the iLO cannot make both changes.

You will need to use CONREP for the Controller Order.


Set the config the way you want it on 1 blade, and then conrep –s bootorder.xml

Then look inside for: Section name=”Controller_Order”


If you need Conrep, you can download it here:


The one thing I don’t know is can you import changes via conrep with only a certain section.  Can I cut down the xml file to JUST modify the Controller Order.