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I/O Accelerator life expectancy

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I/O Accelerator life expectancy

Vanessa had an I/O Accelerator life expectancy question:




Is there a way to approximately know how many writes are left in an IO Accelerator card? A customer bought several and wants to find a way to replace each of them before they fail.




Info from Olaf:




if these cards are running under Linux, you can use the command "fio-status -a". It shows a 2 lines in the output like this one:


        Reserve space status: Healthy; Reserves: 100.00%, warn at 10.00%

        Rated PBW: 4.00 PB, 99.28% remaining


As far as I know, the "Reserves" percentage gives the amount of "spare blocks". The "Rated PBW" gives you the percentage of remaining writes. If it is near zero, then the card is "used" and the customer has to buy a new one.




I got this from a Fusion I/O whitepaper: "Fusion-io specifies product endurance based on Peta-Bytes written (PBW). This metric is simply the number of bytes thatmay be written to the non-volatile media.


Here is the whitepaper:



Any other input on this question?