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Application is not come up when run ./hpsum in linux

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Application is not come up when run ./hpsum in linux

Sunya looking for some help:




      Just try to run hpsum within linux environment.


   I transfer the  SPP iso file (HP_Service_Pack_for_Proliant_2013.09.0-0_744345-001_spp_2013.09.0-SPP2013090.2013_0830.30.iso)  to linux.

Mounting it by  this command

# mount –t iso9660 –o loop <above iso file> /dvd


Mouting is success.  I change the working directory to  /dvd/hp/swpackage . Then I call




This was done in terminal of gnome.  Firefox is already installed.

 Linux return the prompt to me with out any application running.  ????????


Do I did anything wrong??




Some info from Kim:




SPP 2013.09.0 B uses HP SUM 5.3.5. Your issue is most likely occurring because your system doesn’t have all of the library dependencies that are needed to run HP SUM 5.3.5. You have a choice:


1)      Update your system with the needed library dependencies (see the release notes or user guide for what is needed)

2)      Download and install the appropriate version of hpsum.rpm which is available from the SDR, - I recommend this


HP SUM 6.0.0 does not have the library dependencies that the earlier versions of HP SUM have.


Please let me know if you have any questions.




Comments or suggestions?