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BladeSystem Virtual Connect
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Bridge Protocol Data Unit (BPDU) Guard is enabled by default on the Virtual Connects

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Bridge Protocol Data Unit (BPDU) Guard is enabled by default on the Virtual Connects

Mary had a customer question regarding BPDU settings:




I am looking for a resource who could answer my customers question below.


As discussed, in researching the EDC ToR solution, I need to know specifically if BPDU Guard is enabled by default on the Virtual Connects? We are looking to install an emulated ToR solution – The VCs will be connected into Cisco N2K’s. Switches cannot be connected to these devices as there is an implicit BPDU Guard. In doing my own research on the VC it looks like they act as an edge device – BPDU Guard is configured by default. Is this true?


Also do we have a good “how-to/best-practices” guide for configuring VC switches (or Cisco switches) in an Nexus-to-VC style configuration.


Thanks in advance




Reply from Kevin:




 Virtual Connect does not participate in exchanging BPDUs to a root Bridge/leaf bridge. Best Practices suggest you turn on BPDU guard specific to the upstream Nexus switch.

Yes Virtual Connect does have a loop prevention daemon active on the state machine however it only prevents loops from occurring internal to the enclosure.




And from Dan:




To clarify something Kevin said, VC Loop Detect only prevents loops from occurring at the SERVER level.

VC itself is designed to prevent loops from ever occurring.

Loop Detection makes sure a badly configured server is not causing loops inside Windows/Linux.


And here is a doc that was put out a while ago in regards to vPC and Virtual Connect:



I would also have a look at “Virtual Connect for the Cisco Network Administrator”