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Cheat sheet for VC cables to switches

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Cheat sheet for VC cables to switches

Madhu needed some more info on DAC cables and what was what. I had sent him the info on cable interconnects and just needed some assurance.



In Chuck’s ppt slide 7, it appears that the DAC cable has all the transceivers built in already. 


HP 1m SFP+ 10GbE Copper Cable              487652-B21         LP $149

HP BladeSystem 10Gb SR SFP+  455883-B21 LP $1319


For VC Flex-10 or 10GbE pass thru modules if I order a  DAC cable such as the cable above, I do not need to order any transceivers such as the one above in addition to the cable? 

Is that correct?  The transceivers are $1319 LP and the DACs are only $149 and I was under the assumption that you needed both, am I wrong?



Arnaud re-assured Madhu:


Yes, this is the definition of a DAC cable ! It is a copper cable with tranceivers attached. Less expensive than separate elements, but distances can’t be very far. They are ideal for in-rack communications.



All in a day's work. Are you using DAC cables? Any issues?