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Estimates for data center network bandwidth usage?

Trusted Contributor

Estimates for data center network bandwidth usage?

Paulo had a question:


When we don’t have any data concerning the current Data Center network usage, what kind of reasonable assumptions must be defined ? Does anyone have some kind of report ( or at least tips ) regarding the typical bandwidth consumption on Physical and Virtual Machines so we can design the network of a medium size Data Center ( < 1000 servers ) ?


Erik replied:


This is what I reference / suggested when planning a network for virtualized systems without any network data.


Source: page 3, table 1



Data Traffic


Communication - Non performance critical IP-based communication,

primary client server communication (public network).

Email, file sharing, web services, streaming media, SAP GUI

1 Gb1

Management –Performance critical IP-based communication,

primary administrative and server management communication.

Console OS to manage physical server and/or virtual machines, and virtual machine migration (such as VMotion)

2 Gb

Computing – Inter-Process Communication (IPC) like SAP application server to SAP database or central instance communication (private network)

Cluster communications, Virtual machine (VM) or SAP application server traffic (production)

4 Gb

Storage – All data communication to and from storage systems

NAS, iSCSI or backup traffic

2 – 4 Gb


Anyone else have a good rule of thumb?