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FlexFabric Module: Server Profile SAN Fabric configuration

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FlexFabric Module: Server Profile SAN Fabric configuration

Aric had a Virtual Connect FlexFabric configuration question:




I have an enclosure with 4 Virtual Connect FlexFabric modules (Bay 1, 2, 5 and 6).  For a number of reasons, it was proposed that the modules be used in the following fashion:

  • Bay 1 and 2 dedicated to traditional Ethernet traffic and iSCSI traffic
  • Bay 5 and 6 dedicated to fibre channel SAN access


As it turns out, it appears that there is some challenge with this.

  • We need access to all 8 possible FlexNICs associated with the LOMs connected to Bay 1 and 2.
  • When assigning SAN fabrics to a server profile, it appears that I MUST create linkages (even if left as Unassigned) to Bay 1 and 2 before I can create a linkage to Bay 5 and 6 (aka sequential assignment is required).
  • In performing this linkage to Bay 1 and 2 (which of course link to the LOMs), I also lose the ability to a FlexNIC from each LOM as it appears as a FC HBA.


I would like to know if this is expected behavior and if so why?




Mike had some info for Aric:




Hi Aric,


The Virtual Connect team confirms that this is expected behavior. The assignment algorithm used is as follows:


  1. FCoE connections are assigned first (before iSCSI or Ethernet)
  2. iSCSI connections are assigned second (after FCoE, before Ethernet)
  3. Ethernet connections are assigned last (after FCoE and iSCSI)
  4. For each class of connection, connections are assigned in round robin fashion to LOM1a, LOM1b, MEZ1a, MEZ1b, MEZ2a, MEZ2b.


So, it is not currently possible to force all FCoE connections to be assigned to the mezz card(s).




Vincent also joined the conversation:




You actually lose 2 physical functions (LOM1:b and LOM2:b). You’d still be getting 12 FlexNICs (6 from LOM, 6 from mezz) on a half-height ProLiant, instead of 14. Hopefully that should be enough for your customer.




Comments or suggestions? Here is the link to the VC FlexFabric cookbook.

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