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FlexFabric configuration question

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FlexFabric configuration question

Predrag had a customer question:




We have customer with following setup on FlexFabrics in one chassis:


FlexFarbcis in Bay 1,2


Ports x1, x2 free

Port x3, x4 goes to SAN

Ports x5, x6 goes to upstream Cisco 1GB switch

Ports x7, x8 crosslink


Since x1 to x4 ports are only 10G but they do not have 10G upstream switches, and they want to use 1GB SFP, they came to idea to put 1G SFP in x7 and x8 and connect to upstream Cisco 1G switch.

On the other hand they will use DAC cables in x1 and x2 as a stacking connections between bay 1 and bay2


Is this supported configuration?

If it is, where I can read it and use as valid documentation.


I appretiate any advise.




Input from Uwe:




That is a supported configuration.

You can use any port to stack the VC Ethernet modules.



Page 21.




And a reply from Hoa:




X7-X8 are internal cross links for bay 1-2 by default, no SFP insert though.    X1-X4 è10G Ethernet OR 2/4/8 FC, I don’t see why not using X1-X2 for uplinks to Cisco by RJ-45, 453154-B2.     This saves you stacking link cables.






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Re: FlexFabric configuration question

Robert had some additional input:




I understood ports 1-4 on FlexFabric can be used for FC or 10GE, but not 1GE.  Is this wrong?


From the FF Cookbook…




And Hoa agreed.




You are right.    Thanks for pointing out about 1G.   My customers usually mix 10G with FC from X1-X4.