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Network dropout for VM after vMotion

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Network dropout for VM after vMotion

I have two C7000 enclosures, each with two VC FlexFabric modules with a single Virtual Connect domain.  There are three BL645c blades in each enclosure running VMware ESXi 5.0.  There are 20-30 VLANs defined in Virtual Connect and vSphere.


I have a problem when I vMotion a virtual machine from one host to another that the VM will lose network connectivity.  I have checked the configuration and am confident it is correct.


Connectivity is restored if I disconnect and reconnect the vNIC with the vSphere Client, which confirms the configuration is correct.  This issue only seems to affect one or two VLANs.


The vSwitch is configured to notify switches of the move, but it is as if this update is not sent.  This issue can occur when migrating a VM within the same enclosure or over to a separate enclosure.  The issue doesn't occur on other VLANs.  There is no consistency.


Has anyone else experienced this issue?