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Network separation over multiple enclosures

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Network separation over multiple enclosures


I have a customer that wants network separation between LOM and mezzanine cards. We are probably going with the FlexFabric 20/40.

I know I get the separation within one enclosure using "Horizontal Stacking". Problem is, I have two enclosures and would still like them to be one VC domain to stack between them.


Enc0 Bay 1 & 2 stacked with Enc1 Bay 1 & 2

Enc0 Bay 3 & 4 stacked with Enc1 Bay 3 & 4

No stacking between bay 1 & 2 towards bay 3 & 4, regardless of enclosure

Is this possible to achieve? Or will I need to treat the enclosures separately, as their on VC domains?

// Matts