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Question relating to Virtual Connect Stacking

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Question relating to Virtual Connect Stacking

A customer question from David that involves VC Stacking:





Hi Experts,

I am working with a customer who is reviewing their Virtual Connect configuration after some outages.


My question which is slightly related:

In a scenario where a customer removes the Stacking Links between live enclosures and the Server Profiles are designed to only utilise the uplinks in their local enclosure, will this affect traffic flow in each of the local enclosures?


I am assuming not but as I haven’t actually tried this before, I wanted to validate with the community that there isn’t a requirement somewhere that I was unsure about that causes downtime when stacking links are removed.


As a background, the customer believes that removing stacking links in future designs is the way to go as this reduces the risk associated with firmware updates and I am exploring the benefits/drawbacks of this approach.




Input from Fred:




It’s not possible to remove the stacking links between enclosures in a multi-enclosure stacked domain. You’d need to decompose the MES and then configure individual domains for each of the enclosures. In a MES, the VCM instance managing all of the enclosures is running on the base enclosure. Simply removing the links between the enclosures would leave the remote enclosures w/o management.