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Remove VCEM domain lock


Remove VCEM domain lock



We have two C7000 enclosures.  Virtual connect is currently managed by VCEM.  We plan on reusing this chassis in a new environment and we won’t require VCEM anymore.


In fact, the entire chassis will be completely wiped. 


We'd like to start by removing the virtual connect enterprise manager lock, so we can use virtual connect manager to manage each enclosure individually.


Would this be the correct link to use in order to achieve this -


Thanks :)

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Re: Remove VCEM domain lock

That would work, but its better practice to go into VCEM and remove the VC Domain from the Domain Group.


Once the domains are removed from VCEM, you can go into each and delete the domain from local VCM.  Given that, power down all of the servers and go into the OA and look for Restore Factory Defaults and select "Clear VC Mode".  This will remove the association between the OA and the VC modules.



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Re: Remove VCEM domain lock

Fantastic, thanks Bob.