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Role Based Access Control (RBAC) on Virtual Connect (VC)

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Role Based Access Control (RBAC) on Virtual Connect (VC)

Vamsi had a customer question:




Hi All,


We have the following test case to perform on VC. How does Role Based Access Control Work on a Virtual Connect ? Is this something that is linked with Acyive Directory ?


Test Description



Expected Result


Pass or Fail


Create users with different privilege to manage Virtual Connect


Admins can create users with different privilege, this includes users with the following access level


-          Read-only


-          Network


-          SAN


-          Server Profile


-          Full access




Reply from Dan:

When you go to create a new user in Virtual Connect it will ask you which roles you want to grant them access to. If you only select one role they can only do actions associated with that role. If you select none of the roles they will get read only access.


You can see which across each time gets on Home page in VC.  The 4 different rectangles are the 4 roles and items in each are tied to that role.


And from Robert:

And you can integrate VC access control to Active Directory.  Have a look at LDAP Server Settings, where you can configure AD groups that map to VC roles.




Other comments?